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Welcome to The Migraine Surgery Foundation

Migraine Surgery is an under-recognized viable treatment option for moderate to severely affected patients who tend to be the least satisfied with their treatment and who consume most of the medical dollars spent on migraines each year. Despite extensive evidence-based scientific data (including placebo-controlled surgical trials) and significant attention in the media, few sufferers and even fewer practitioners are aware of this option.

We strive to change the current treatment paradigm from costly lifelong and often ineffectual “management” to the profoundly more humane and affordable elimination of the problem.

The World Health Organization lists migraines as one of the worlds top 20 most debilitating disorders.

Advocating For Those In Need



The Migraine Surgery Foundation was formed for the educational purposes of increasing public and professional awareness of the surgical option to treat moderate to severe migraine disease, as well as increase the capacity of migraine surgery by training other capable surgeons in the field; the scientific purpose of furthering the science of migraine surgery by developing or participating in clinical trials; and the altruistic purpose of providing charitable care and promoting a field proven to decrease the cost of care and productivity loss, thereby dramatically decreasing the vast long term economic burden to society.

Common Goals

  • Educate the public, health care providers, insurance companies, state and national legislatures.
  • Develop crowd-based research whereby surgeons and their patients can cooperatively log their results and communicate results.
  • Foster a growing number of migraine surgeons through educational seminars and training programs.
  • Promote multi-institutional research to help identify the best candidates for surgery, and how to best treat and identify those that will respond the least.
  • Promote a cooperative effort on the parts of Neurologist, primary care physicians, physician extenders, Psychiatry, Psychology Addiction medicine, sleep medicine, physical therapist, and message therapist to better serve the largely dissatisfied moderate to severe migraine patients.
  • Provide funding for charitable care for those meeting both clinical and financial criteria.
  • Create an exclusive registry of qualified migraine surgeons.



A medical publication specifically designed to promote the advances in migraine surgery.


Our migraines grants may be available to help ease the cost of migraine surgery.


Our registry is designed for patients who wish to find the closest migraine surgeons in their area.


This program is designed to help veterans who suffer from migraines due to any number of causes.


Our educational program teaches patients and healthcare providers about the changes and advances in migraine surgery.

Legislature & Law

Designed to help change the way insurance companies treat migraine surgery, establish new laws, increase research funding and define the migraine surgery industry as a whole.

Coming soon..

ResearchONE is our newest program designed to help fund research for migraine surgery.

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